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Americas got talent has kept asking me to be on there show and this year I told them I would do it under 2 conditions.
No wasting time with a try out...rehearsal and 2nd I want to break a world record.
Tonight they called and said they want me to break my beard lifting record..next week on the show.
Woot woot
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Frankie CreysufmillerHell yeah5 hours ago By

Sheryl SeifertWhat channel & time?3 hours ago By

Jim DomianoWay Cool!5 hours ago By

Ariane SnuffaluffagusGo Titano!!!!!6 hours ago By

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Titano strongmanSame here kimmy! Going to be great fun1   ·  3 months ago By

Titano strongmanDoing great! Hope all is great there.happy holidays3 months ago By

Kimmy AnneCan't wait to see you!3 months ago By

Sheryl SeifertHow you doing ? Happy Holidays to you my friend !3 months ago By

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Johnnie McgeeIll try to make homie4 months ago By

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Titano strongmanYes thus weekend5 months ago By

Shar MayerLook out Cleveland!5 months ago By

Johnnie McgeeIs that were the next show is5 months ago By

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